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Our pediatricians primary focus is providing a comforting environment for your child during their pediatric appointment.

We start planning for your child’s pediatric appointment at the time we receive your referral.  Your referral is reviewed by our pediatricians when it arrives and we strive to ensure we have the information we need to complete your consultation before we see your child.  We book our appointments to ensure we have the time to take a full history, to do a physical exam and to answer all your questions.  We also book in the time to make sure we can make you and your child as comfortable as possible.

Your First Visit with a Pediatric Doctor

New consultations

Medical Consultations

New medical consultations will typically be booked in office or virtually as appropriate. Virtual appointments may consist of a phone call or a Zoom session. Initial consultation appointments are typically booked for 45 minutes duration. During the appointment, your child’s history will be reviewed, a physical exam will be done and your pediatrician will review their assessment and management plan with you. Ensuring our office has received any relevant medical consultation reports or results prior to the appointment is extremely helpful. Your pediatrician may ask for some forms to be completed prior to your consultation.

Developmental and Mental Health Consultations

New developmental and mental health consultations are often complex. These consultations may require several appointments for your child’s pediatrician to complete a full assessment. At the time they triage your child’s referral, your pediatrician will decide what is the most appropriate form of initial consultation. Initial consultations may consist of a phone call with parents only, a Zoom call with parent and child or an office visit with parent and child. Adolescents may be seen both with their parent and on their own to obtain a complete history. Initial consultation appointments will be booked for 45 minutes duration. Follow up appointments will be booked as needed either at the time of the initial booking or after the initial consultation is complete. Ensuring our office has received any relevant medical consultation reports or results prior to the appointment is extremely helpful. Your pediatrician may ask for some forms to be completed prior to your consultation.

Follow Up Appointments with your pediatric doctor

Follow up appointments

Your child will be offered a follow-up with the pediatrician as needed. In order to be able to continue to provide initial consultations in a timely fashion, we are not able to provide ongoing care if it is not necessary.

We encourage all of our patients to have primary care providers for ongoing care of medical issues once stabilized by the pediatrician. We are always open to sharing care with your child’s primary care provider. They may contact us at any time to review your child’s care or to request another consultation. For medically complex children, our pediatricians often implement a shared care model which can include alternating medical appointments with your primary care provider.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get an appointment?

Patients do require a referral from a family physician, nurse practitioner or registered midwife to be seen by one of our pediatricians.

How long does it take to be seen?

We are committed to providing accessible care and to keeping wait times low.  All referrals have been triaged by our pediatricians.  Some patient referrals are for urgent matters and will be booked accordingly.  Other less urgent referrals will be booked based on the information available in the referral your referring provider has sent.   Your referring doctor will be sent a notice advising of the current wait time.  If the urgency of your child’s referral has changed, please contact your referring physician and have them send an update to the referral so that we can help expedite your child’s care.

Do you provide virtual care?

We provide care in office, by video and over the phone.  We recognize that many concerns require an in office visit and we are dedicated to ensuring we can provide that care in a safe environment.  Some concerns can be assessed by video consultation and will be booked this way when appropriate.  We appreciate you letting us know your preference at the time you are offered a booking and we will do our best to accommodate your care request.  Follow up care may be more easily provided by video or over the phone.  Your child’s pediatrician and you can decide together what form of follow up appointment is best.

You will be asked to sign a virtual care consent form prior to a phone or video visit.

Do I need to complete any paperwork prior to the appointment?

We will send out an email appointment confirmation that will include details regarding your child’s appointment as well as any forms our administrative staff require.  Our pediatricians may have asked for additional forms to be completed prior to your child’s appointment.  If requested, they will also be attached to the confirmation.  It is very helpful if these forms are completed prior to your arrival to ensure the chart contains all the information the pediatrician needs.  If you are having any trouble completing these forms, please call our staff for assistance.

Who should attend the appointment?

We ask that you please do not bring siblings or other children who do not have an appointment with us.  We realize that some patients require extra assistance and alternative care arrangements may not always be possible.  We will make every effort to book your appointment at a time that works best for you.  We can make exceptions with sufficient notice to ensure the office space can accommodate it safely.

Why are there medical students or residents that see my child?

Our pediatricians are committed to the education of future doctors. We are all affiliated with the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Our education came in great part from the patient encounters and mentorship we had through our training years and we recognize the tremendous amount each patient can teach us. Your child’s appointment will not be longer because of the involvement of a student or resident. Depending on their level of training, resident may see you and your child first.  You and your child will always see your pediatrician at each appointment.

Will I be reminded of my upcoming appointment?

You will receive 2 email reminders requesting your confirmation, one 7 day prior to your appointment and one 2 day prior to your appointment.  Your diligence in confirming your appointment is very appreciated.  If we do not receive your confirmation, our staff will reach out to you directly.  If your appointment remains unconfirmed 24 hours prior, we will cancel your appointment so we can offer it to another child.

Can I email forms or reports to the pediatrician?

Protecting your child’s personal health information is very important to us.  We would prefer you not send any information to our office via email unless you are able to send it in a secure manner.  You may email PDF documents if you are able to password protect them with your child’s PHN (personal health number).  You may also fax, mail or drop off any documentation.

We will ask you to sign an electronic communication consent form that will explain our use of email and secure messaging.

What happens if I am late arriving?

We understand that despite their best efforts, families may be late arriving.  If you are more than 15 minutes late, it is likely that we will not have sufficient time to complete an adequate assessment and we will need to reschedule your appointment.  To ensure our remaining patients remain on schedule, we are not able to extend your appointment time longer in order to accommodate your late arrival.

What is your cancellation and no show policy?

We ask that you let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment so that we can offer the space to another waiting child.  We understand that circumstances change and we are happy to rebook your appointment if necessary.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call the office at 604-984-8880 as soon as possible so that we can offer the appointment to another waiting patient. Please do not email our office to cancel your appointment.

We charge a $100 cancellation fee for any missed appointment.

You will receive reminder emails and we ask you to confirm your appointment via those emails. Any appointments unconfirmed 24hr prior to the appointment time will be cancelled and the space will be offered to the next waiting family.

How do I book a follow-up appointment?

Your pediatrician will let you know when they would like to see your child again.  You will decide with them whether an in office or virtual appointment is best.  Appointments needed within the next 3 months are best booked with one of our medical office assistants before you leave the office.  If your child’s follow up is planned more than 3 months from now, your child will be added to our booking list.  You will be called 1-2 months ahead of the planned follow up to book the appointment.  If your child is due for a planned follow up and we haven’t reached out to you to book the appointment within 1 month of the planned follow-up, please feel welcome to contact us. 

What happens if I need a prescription renewal between appointments?

We aim to help our patients stay on top of their prescription refill needs during regular scheduled visits.  We recognize that emergencies happen and this may not always be possible.

We will refill prescriptions between appointments if:

    1. The medication was prescribed by one of our pediatricians;
    2. It is clear that the medication is due to be running out;
    3. There is a clear plan for follow-up and ongoing care related to that prescription with one of our pediatricians;
    4. It has not been more than 12 months since your child was last seen

We ask that you call your pharmacy and have them send us a renewal request.  This ensures we have all the correct most up to date information about your child’s medication and where you would like it sent and will avoid delays.

Our pediatricians work in numerous settings outside the office and we are not able to refill prescriptions on short notice.  We require 5 business days notice in order to complete a refill request.

Our pediatrician may decline the request to refill your child’s prescription if they feel that your child requires an assessment first.  This may be the case with acute conditions such as asthma or if it has been too long since your child’s last physical exam to safely proceed with the prescription.

Will I need a re-referral for my child to see the pediatrician?
Children are referred to see a pediatrician for a specific concern.  Once your child no longer requires a pediatrician to follow up that concern, their file will be closed and a new referral would be required for a future appointment.  If a new concern arises either during ongoing follow up or at a future date, a separate referral for that concern would be required.
Can my child’s teacher / counsellor / therapist provide information to or speak to the pediatrician?

Absolutely!  Caring for your child is a team approach which involves you as their parent or caregiver and the other members of their care team.  We will speak to other doctors or allied professionals involved in your child’s care as needed.  We do require your written consent to speak directly with your child’s teacher or other school staff.  Children over age 14 are asked to provide this consent themselves.  We will not send any written information to your child’s school without you first reviewing it. 

Why does the pediatrician meet with adolescents alone?

The transition from dependence to independence embodies the stage of adolescence. We recognize the need for our adolescent patients to start to transition to managing their own health care. This starts in their feeling comfortable with their health care provider. Providing care to adolescents requires rapport and their understanding of confidentiality in their health care. Your parental involvement remains crucial and we will also meet with you and your adolescent together and you alone when appropriate.   

Can my adolescent attend the appointment alone?

If your adolescent is going to be arriving and attending their appointment alone, we ask that you let us know so that we can ensure we have an appropriate plan in place to involve you in their care.

Why do I have to pay for uninsured services?

Uninsured services are not covered by the BC Medical Services Plan.  The cost of these services are based on suggestions from the Doctors of BC and the practice standard is regulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.  To review our list of uninsured services, please click here.

We look forward to being part of your child’s medical care.

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