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Our pediatric team has a shared vision of providing excellent and accessible pediatric care to our patients.

We all love what we do! Our consultant pediatricians are specialists who focus on medical, developmental, behavioural and mental health concerns that affect children ranging from neonates through to adolescents 18 years of age.

We are continuing to grow our team so that all children in our community can access consultation and follow up as needed.

Dr Regan Ebbeson Pediatrician

Dr. Regan Ebbeson


Dr. Kelly Ann Cox Pediatrician

Dr. Kelly Anne MacIver


Dr. Adam Hoffman Pediatrician

Dr. Adam Hoffmann


Dr. Alyssa De Luca

Dr. Alyssa De Luca 


Dr. Mark Riley Pediatrician

Dr. Mark Riley

Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Dr. Mara Tietzen Pediatrician

Dr. Mara Tietzen

Pediatric &

Sports Medicine Care 

Dr. Sara Tod Pediatrician

Dr. Sarah Tod


Dr Ana Sofia Lopez Pediatrician

Dr. Ana Sofia Lopez


Administrative Staff

Kathleen Osaka Medical Office Assistant

Kathleen Osaka

Office Manager

Jennifer Robinson Medical Office Assistant

Jennifer Robinson

Medical Office Assistant

Cristal Dumale Medical Office Assistant

Cristal Dumale

Medical Office Assistant

Photo Coming Soon

Nicola Elliott

Medical Office Assistant